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Jazz Bands and Pole Fitness

And here it happens again. After a lot of heated love-giving that had been going on around here, I completely neglected my relationship with my blog (and my only creative outlet for the time being) because I took it for granted and wanted to have some fun around. In fact, I neglected it almost as much as I have neglected myself.

Thinking about the past two and a half months puts me in a state of raw panic because I have absolutely no idea where all the 101,969 minutes went. Like seriously, no clue. Even my planner cannot keep up with the pace of the Earth spinning. I feel like there’s a cosmic conspiracy to speed up our revolution around the Sun because there has been so much $#%! going on around here that it feels kinda obliged to make more time pass by before the next catastrophe strikes. Or it just wants to see if the hideous Mexican wall will be visible from space. #whoknows

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A New Post

To begin, I would like to say ‘sorry’, both to the people reading this and myself, as I promised this blog would be different and I would post more often, and I did not fulfill it. And no one likes people who break promises, no? Not even myself.

These two months have been an amazing experience for me, and have given me a certain direction in the path to self-discovery (and I’m saying this risking that I sound like those yoga gurus and emotional leaders or whatever). It is true nonetheless.

Ah, I almost forgot – a short warning. This post is going to be about me and me only, those uninterested in the matter please feel free to leave at any point when this becomes too much for you to bear or cope with.

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17 Things That Change When You Move Abroad

You face new challenges, you get to know parts of you you didn’t know existed, you’re amazed at yourself and at the world. You learn, you broaden your horizons. You unlearn, and after coming down and embracing a few lessons, you start growing in humility. You evolve. You feel homesick… and you shape memories that will stay with you forever. If you’ve ever lived away from home or embarked on a long journey, I’m sure you too have felt these 17 things that change forever when you live abroad.



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