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To the boy who wanted to have a fling.

My body has been through wars and survived.
It has fought battles it was never supposed to.
Lovers tried to conquer this body and left.
Never making it a home.
Leaving bruises in my soul that I’m still struggling to heal.
I have fallen for boys who would love with half hearts.
Unable to love themselves.
Or maybe, loving themselves too much.
But everything is a lesson. Continue reading “Boys”

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To The Woman Who Cried Oceans For You


I loved you. Maybe more than I will ever love myself. And you loved me too. We were living in a paradise of rainbows and wildflowers. Our love was stronger than any storm.
But in its wake also comes destruction. In the process of falling in love, we also destroyed ourselves.

But we never knew that until it’s already too late for the two of us,
We were already broken.
The chasm between the two of us could no longer be bridged,
So we decided to let each other go.

Written by Avena Dane for


Dear, This Is What You Should Know Before Falling In Love With Me

I have anxiety. Anxiety is selfish, and therefore anxiety makes me selfish sometimes. I have to put myself/it first, and therefore you must too. I don’t want to be demanding but anxiety is demanding and therefore I am too. I will need you to be supportive and help me through the challenges of this mental illness.

Watercolor by Beth Jorgensen, print available for purchase here
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What Growing Up Really Means

growing up

As I grow, I learn. My desires from a relationship have changed over the course of time. Now I no longer want someone who says they would be with me forever, and I no longer want someone who says they would never leave me. I am not looking for someone who is always neatly dressed up, or wears shiny shoes, or has an amazing sense of humour or has great guitar playing skills. I am not looking for someone who has the false sense of love, and thinks that love is finding that one perfect person, or someone who is trying to check items off their list while they search for “the one”. I want someone who understands that “the one” is a fairy tale, and though fairy tales do happen in real life, they take much more work than the Cinderella finding her prince charming by walking into a party. Every fairy tale ends with “happily ever after”, I want someone who realizes that the “happily ever afters” are a lot of hard work. Continue reading “What Growing Up Really Means”

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To Your New Love

If she asks you
If she asks you who I am, tell her. Tell her
because she is not starting a fire for an explanation but a confession.

If you tell her I was just a girl you dated
for a couple of years, she will only give you a hard time.
The hundreds of photos tagged in your outdated profile and the stack
of books with our names written will be her allies.

If you tell her I was an old friend, she will only hear
half of what you say. She will recall how you looked at places
with a tinge of regret and a shade of nostalgia. She will remember
how you skipped a certain song ― a reminder of something you’ll find an excuse
not to tell her every time the car radio is on. Continue reading “To Your New Love”

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The First Time I Fell in Love

The first time I fell in love
Was the day you told me,
You didn’t feel the same.
That even though it was nice,
I didn’t inspire you
Or make your heart stop.
The first time I fell in love
Wasn’t some beautiful perfect day.
It was cloudy and murky
A stench of things rotting.
There was no sunshine
No silver lining or rainbows.

The first time I fell in love
I felt like drowning. Continue reading “The First Time I Fell in Love”

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“Putting yourself out there takes vulnerability. Vulnerability is hard, and we, as a rule, tend to go for what’s easy; by that logic, closing ourselves off is the easiest thing in the world. We quote the words of others to do the talking for us, send each other links to articles and stories in lieu of actual conversation, post pretty pictures to adequately convey our current state of mind, all to avoid having to proffer a single identifiable human emotion. Maybe just maybe…divulging your vulnerabilities without any kind of filter can make you more human.”

-Phil Roland