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I Am Not Like My Mother

I’m not like my mother
The perfect wife of an absent man
The present parent to the one off-duty
The caretaker, the homemaker.

I am not like my mother
To wait nights up alone wondering where he’s gone
To spend days questioning if she’s done something wrong
To fake a smile going to gatherings alone.

I am not like my mother.

I am
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A memory in my head like a song on repeat
Contagious and humming to a certain beat
The one of our hearts hiding in the night
The one of the hidden glances in the light.
Haunted by the ghost of you
It is hard  to focus, no self-control
For months before something lacking
Then you appeared and I was whole. Continue reading “Haunted”

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To the boy who wanted to have a fling.

My body has been through wars and survived.
It has fought battles it was never supposed to.
Lovers tried to conquer this body and left.
Never making it a home.
Leaving bruises in my soul that I’m still struggling to heal.
I have fallen for boys who would love with half hearts.
Unable to love themselves.
Or maybe, loving themselves too much.
But everything is a lesson. Continue reading “Boys”

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Sin mejores palabras

Nosotros somos como el cielo y el mar.
Si veas en el horizonte
Hay una línea fina donde se besan indefinidamente
Pero en realidad
Nunca ni se tocan.

Somos la misma color de azul
Vive y se mueve en acuerdo con el tiempo
Pero somos hechos de materiales diferentes
Uno crece con los manos hacia el sol
Y el otro siempre quiere bailar con la luna.

Tú y yo.
Con los ojos celestiales, tuyos y míos.
Siempre conectados pero nunca juntos.
Siempre en mis pensamientos, nunca en mi corazón.

first one written in Spanish. if there are any mistakes please let me know!

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Your Truth And Nothing But

Seems as if I am numb.
As the wounds have started healing,
I am left with no ink to write on old parchment,
No tears to stain the written words,
And no cuts left for me to lick the blood off.

Seemed as if I would only hurt.
As days have passed and gone by,
I realized that is the case only if you count them,
Not if you let time gently stroke your hair
And sing you lullabies for good night.

Turns out it is all a choice.
As the songs you sang don’t ring a bell,
I am done with empty words of a man I thought I knew,
No bed in a room in a house that you’d come back to
And Everything I Do, I’m Not Gonna Think Of You.

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I want to have you endlessly
Feel you like the first sip of coffee in the morning
Have you warm me up inside
Drinking inch by inch of my torn-apart skin.
I want you to have me regardless
Of all my insecurities and all my scars
Watch them heal one by one
As you kiss them one by one.
I want us to keep on diving
Deeper into each others’s souls.
Consume me all bits and parts
Have me, I am yours to take.