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Your Leaving: Stages of Grief (4/5) [hero-less]

  1. Denial
  2. Anger
  3. Bargaining
  4. Depression

i. As a boomerang, spinning, back to its source
Different in looks, your manners were coarse
You stripped your shirt off and all I could see
A hole in your chest where your “S” sign used to be.

ii. Where was my Superman, my avenger, my part?
Where was the man that taught me how to love?
Where was the boy I held dearly in my arms?
Where was his wit, the smile, and his charms?

iii. For too long I was seeing a saviour in you
Someone who knew all my demons were true
Someone who fought, with nails and blood
Someone who dragged me alive through the mud.

(But that is all gone, all too soon.)

iv. Sometimes it’s nothing loud and screaming
It is solely the realisation that what I was believing
Was only something I really wanted to see
A hero in a little boy that is more afraid than me.

5. Acceptance


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