Red Riding Hood’s Revenge

If you’re going to play the part of the wolf, prepare your jaws for action.
Be ready to sink your sharpened teeth deep into his soul.
Tear into his flesh, rip off great chunks of him until he lies in pieces before you.
Make a massacre of his meaningless body.
Cradle his corpse, whisper sweet nothings to his carcass.
But don’t ever tell him you love him.
Don’t wash your hands until the blood dries under your fingernails.
Don’t rinse out your mouth, savour the taste of savagery and hold the memory close.
Leave his remains for the crows to fight over, like he ever meant anything.
Be the beast he made you.
Be the girl that makes boys cry.
Be the monster that hunts by moonlight.
Be hard to your victims. If victory tastes sweet keep revelling in the vengeance.
But never forget to be soft to yourself when the morning comes, and save the sweet revenge for someone else. 


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