One Day At A Time

“I’m trying to make new habits.
Good habits.
Healthy habits.
I’m trying to enjoy the thought of what tomorrow brings.

When I wake the first thing I do is write a few lines about how I feel. The inkstains somehow prove that I’m awake, and this is real.
I take a great big gulp of good clean air, and fill my lungs with the new day.
I drink some water, try to cleanse my system, and my soul a little quicker.
I say her name three times, and hope I’m in her dreams.

Every day is a new beginning, another chance to make things right.
A chance to chase away the dark desires of night.
Every morning is a blank canvas, waiting to be filled.
Every tomorrow is a today waiting to be lived.
Every tomorrow brings me a new reason.
Every day I’m trying to choose the pen over the poison.”

– giraffevader 


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