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Your Ghost Town

When I was young and foolish
I thought what ghost towns are
Those abandoned, left-behind places
With no human soul, afar

I thought that, in those towns
One would only come to find
Abandoned buildings, hopes, dreams
A torn-apart teddy with eyes so kind

With curtains flying out of broken windows
And benches broken right in the middle
Woodland ivy crawling up cracked walls
And howling winds through empty corridors

The sun would always shine
Through a layer of haze
And at nighttime would appear
The ghosts with dazing gaze

All of this, somewhere far
Where no human ever goes
I thought – that’s why it’s a ghost town
No hope, no friends nor foes.

What no one ever told me
That this same ghost town could be
With hectic days and buzzing at night
Right on the shore of a deep blue sea

Where the sand is white and the sky bright
Where babies laugh and adults cry
Where it sometimes rains, the sun shines right
Where life is born, and people die.

Yet it’s a ghost town, abandoned as such
If you cannot see there is not much
Left-behind hopes of what could have been
And dreams that vanish before being seen.

With ghosts being born at the end of a cigar
And blankets that cover broken souls
Tears are gathered in a jar
And stacked on shelves where love is fouled

There ghosts walk even during the day
Haunting the places where we used to stay
Every corner, pathway, café with a view
Everything is the same, but there is no you

And as I go through each and every hour
The ghosts are stronger, and I have no power
Looking at the mirror, this time what I see
The only inhabitant of this ghost town is me.

Me, Your Ghost Town (I Am Haunted)


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