Little Things To Do When You’re Sad

Sleep in. Wake up slowly.
Toss yourself around in your
own sheets. Appreciate every
inch of your body in the morning
as it glows in the afternoon sun.
Have a big breakfast. Make pancakes
with bananas and eat watermelon
straight from the rind and listen to
Jack Johnson because it reminds
you of him. And that’s okay.
Dance around in your underwear.
Forget about the scars on your legs
and appreciate how wonderful and
strong they are. How they move
at your command. Remember
just how lucky you are.
Draw, even though you are bad at it.
Write inspirational quotes on your
mirror, reminding yourself of others’
strength when you stare at yourself.
Reminding you of your strength
when you stare at yourself.
Take a long bubble bath. Read
a magazine or a book or
the back of the shampoo bottle.
Or don’t read at all. Pop bubbles
every time you have a bad thought
until you don’t have anymore thoughts
or bubbles.
Ask him to come over. Spend the day
naked, memorizing his freckles
and listening to his childhood stories.
Kiss him because you can.
Because you love the way he tastes.
Remind him that you love him.
Remind your body that you love yourself.

― M.K.


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