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Please, Don’t

I crave to be held, touched,
loved, wanted. So I push you
away because I want it far
too much.

That little, needy
child inside of me with
outstretched arms and
tearstained cheeks is
the scariest, darkest
part of me.

― Michelle K

I am frightened by the idea that I really know how it is to want someone. It is petrifying that you touched places in me no hand could ever touch, and you started a flood that is starting to drown me. And I am afraid that you will discover that I am nothing more than a tsunami building up, a devastating earthquake, a natural disaster, and you will find my head messy, my emotions running like wild horses, my love overwhelming, and you will turn around and you will run away and leave.

The thought of you leaving throws me into the depths of oceans, turning me into a seafoam eternally trying to kiss the sandy shore.


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