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Your Undeliverables (2)

I want to say so many things, holding you in my grip
I feel your absence like splinters through my ribs
The air I breathe is heavy, you lacking there
Lungs harvesting the pain of will and despair
Your words are drops of water in a dead dry desert
Little coins for the homeless, starving, poor peasant
My body is twitching from the pain I hide inside
It only lets its hold of me with you by my side
Fear eats inside of me, crawling up my spine
Who would’ve known that darkness would be so divine
I’m afraid like a child you’d let go of my hand
That’s when the darkness would come for my end.
And how can I say this, dear boy of mine?
Living afraid without me you would be just fine.
Have you ever sat in front of the curtain of your heart?
It lifts: and all of the scenery is falling apart.

Me, The words I never had the courage to say



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