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Your Collision (with me)

There are two types of limerence in this world. The first one is born under the shelter of a little oak tree. It is nurtured with the feeling of security and mutual understanding. Each spring it gives birth to a thousand cherry-blossom flowers and it paints the surroundings pink. That kind of infatuated love runs smoothly, like a small river in a vast forest – no waves, no storms.

The other one is never born. Rather it is created by a destructive explosion after an abrupt collision of two galactic bodies that move at great speeds. It is disastrous, and its end results are unpredictable. It can be fruitful and create something beautiful that has never been seen before. Or it can create a black hole whose magnitude depends on the force of the crash and the clutter the galactic bodies are made of.

You and I, our complicated nature serves like gravity that pulls us together. Sometimes it seems like it is impossible to end in anything that would not be disorderly and chaotic. The thing about rules – they are not to be obeyed, and the beauty of the universe lies in the fact that everything is made of the insides of collapsing stars. The beauty of the cosmos is that it hides within the mess you and I embody, it is the stardust of which we are made.  The beauty of it is not the atoms that go into us, but the way those atoms are put together.

And who ever said there is no beauty in chaos?

“Your hand
touching mine.
This is how
― Sanober Khan


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