Passion(ate) Planner

While skimming up and down my news feed yesterday, I noticed the word “planner” coming up. To anyone who knows me, it would be quite obvious why I would stop and read what the post is about.

Some may argue I like having things under control. Some might say that I just need a creative outlet. I have also been told that when it comes to keeping timetables, I have German-like organizational skills. Whichever it is, I simply adore planners and notebooks.

I started keeping one back in high school, and I started with the Palgrave Student Planner. I loved the fact that it is a self-management tool, not a simple one. All the different sections allowing you to scribble different information suited me more-than-well. However, I found the space provided for each day a bit small. I like to talk, and most of all, I love to write (obviously). Not having enough space was a drawback I had to deal with. IF you have been scrolling around my blog page, you would have also noticed my admiration for quotes. I actually have quite a few places where I keep the ones that have left the biggest impression on me. That is why I used to write one down for each week, along with sticking post-its with personal remarks on it.

Since then, I have used quite a few planners in my life, most coming down to having a page for each day so I can do whatever in all the space provided. You can imagine how stunned I was yesterday, after watching Angelia’s video. There is actually another person in the world that feels the same way I do about planners.

Any other word would be redundant, so I am leaving you with her video to explain better what this Passion Planner is about.

Another thing, don’t forget to share!


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