What’s on your mind?

Another rainy afternoon. I sit in front of my laptop, casually checking my e-mail as I am expecting a reply from all the landlords I have contacted for more information regarding several dozen apartments for rent. Meanwhile, there is nothing better to do. In the background there is the sound of some silly series that flood the TV channels these days. And I scroll. Scroll down the ‘unnamed’ social service that slowly, but surely, takes over most of my free time. I peek into the phone of my little sister sitting next to me and realise she is doing the same. Our age gap is not that great, and yet my teenage-hood was completely different that what hers is now.
Then I realise that everything has changed. The rapid development of technology has impacted us more  than we realise. The times have gotten crueler. People do not communicate like they used to. The sincere looks are deceitful and the good deed always has an ulterior intention.

In Shaun Higton’s short film, ‘What’s on Your Mind?’, a guy named Scott Thomson uses Facebook status updates to embellish his life..


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