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Romance – Shromance.

Re-post from my old blog.

I sat down and started writing. Word after word, sentence after sentence, I thought through each and every letter, thinking if I’m supposed to write it, if anyone’s going to like it. I tried writing what others want to hear, what others need to hear. Something that would give them hope, faith that in the end, the heroine will end up luckily married to the guy who came in a white Mercedes. That after everything they’ll go through, destiny will mingle its fingers and give them a happy ending. In the end, it sucked.

I read through the crap I’d written and wondered if I’d ever be able to re-tell a happy story. A person once told me that jotting down such pieces didn’t suit the self I was. Long after that, I wondered if they were right. In the end, I realised that I myself don’t make much sense. However, one thing I knew is that whatever I write comes straight from the heart. No matter how ridiculous and absurd it may seem, the most moving things I’ve written were done in days I’ve felt the best. Go figure.

Well, back to the fairy tales part. After erasing every line of that optimistic and encouraging …piece, I started wondering. What is that need in people to find their dreams and aspirations in romantic comedies and heart-warming films with happy endings? In the celluloid world of romantic comedies, shy but decent men get the girl, arguments set up sweet reconciliations, and couples separated by tragedy are always reunited through improbable coincidence. Sounds a bit too perfect, doesn’t it? I’ve had that discussion with my friends over and over again, and I still can’t figure out how are such coffee-and-popcorn movies so blindly worshiped. In my humble opinion, they actually ruin normal relationships and only raise the expectations a girl (not so often a guy) has in a relationship.

However, one film I liked was ‘He’s not just THAT into you’, which puts it about just fine. I was so frustrated after I finished watching it, not because it was a dumb film, but actually owing to the way the truth actually gives you a nice, powerful, full-swing bitch slap, when in the end, you realise what the majority does when it comes to l.o.v.e. It rears a perfect question ‘Are we desperate… or desperately stupid?’. The film puts the spotlight on our emotional immaturity and consequent insecurity when it is concerning our feelings and others’ actions. And, here I stop blabbing about the film before it turns into a voluntary commercial.

I’ll sum it all up with the quoting by one expert and let you have the final word. “We need to live by stories that help us deal with tough realities. Idealism has a role to play — it can convince us that no matter how misshapen, decrepit, or dull we are, there is someone out there for us. And you know what? There is! Walk through any shopping mall and you see the most extraordinary pairings,” he says. “We all need hope in our lives. And Hollywood trades on hope.”


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