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Whatever You Are, Be A Good One

From Tolstoy to Tumblr, a compendium of timeless wisdom on life.

It was a more than a century ago that Leo Tolstoy resolved in his diary to create a “circle of reading” for himself, probing “the great philosophers of all time and all people” for wisdom on how to live well. This was the conception of his famous Calendar of Wisdom, which he spent the remaining seventeen years of his life piecing together.

Some time later, we can now find a wonderful modern-day counterpart that falls partway between Tolstoy and Tumblr: Whatever You Are, Be a Good One  — a charming compendium of 100 wise and timeless thoughts from some of history’s greatest minds, that includes such beloved luminaries as Albert Camus, Simone de Beauvoir, Henry James, Anne Lamott, Søren Kierkegaard, and Leo Tolstoy himself. As a passionate quote-reader, I have picked a few of the greatest (and my personal favourites) about what it means to live with kindness and integrity, to cherish beauty and the creative spirit, and ultimately to be a good human being.


henry jamesbibesco lamott

quote 2

And the last but not the least , Oscar Wilde.

wilde happy


Many thanks to Brain Pickings for providing us with such amazing content!


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