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Why Are We Happy?

A while ago, I met an old friend over a cup of coffee. Since I moved, I had very little contact with my high-school friends and I hadn’t seen him for a while. We talked, laughed, debated over things and it really felt like old times. After a while, he asked me: – “Are you happy?”

I was then, as I am now. Then he asked me why. I told him it was because I found myself. I am taking responsibility for my own actions and I like the things I do.

During the last three years, I had the chance to realise that happiness depends on you and you only. As long as you try to find happiness in other, outer things or people, the result is the same: once they are gone, your happiness is as well. Once you understand that your decisions are the key, your capabilities the force, you will be able to open many doors you thought closed.


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