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Nothing Found

They all say the first step’s the hardest. So is the first blog post. Terrifying, even.

I spent almost an afternoon of my exam week searching the Web for a suitable thing to say as a beginning, an introduction of what all this is going to be about.

‘Tell them who you are’, the sites say, ‘Tell them your plans for the future, or what keeps you up at night.’ Right, like I have a clue. I thought of asking another question – how long should it be? ‘As long as a woman’s skirt: long enough to cover the goods, but short to keep it interesting.’ Yay, like that helps.

After a while, I gave up. Isn’t blogging supposed to be personal? Aren’t you the only one who should know what is the best?

The fact that there may be another person in the world that shares the same thoughts with you sounds wonderfully petrifying, and you will never find out until you share what you think or feel with the rest.

So, let me spill the beans for you. A soon-to-be graduate student with no certain plans for the future starts a blog in order to let out all the things she thinks about while in the shower, all the poems she doodles on the notebook in economics, all the quotes that fascinate her and all the poems that make her sad. She tends to get stuck in her head a lot so it is nice to finally have a place to track all the conversations with her countless selves. Because what happens when you are stuck in your head for too long, is that you can sometimes get lost.

I do not know where my life is heading to, let alone my blog, so I am planning on driving around without a direction. I do that sometimes when I go back home to my lovely city. I get in the car, play some music and drive from one end to another, around and about in circles, enjoying what the traffic has to offer.

So if you, by any chance, are that kind of person, I’d very much like if you’d stay. But if spinning around gets you dizzy and nauseous, I don’t think my blog is the right place for you ’cause you might just not hold this liquor.

Until next time


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